Testimony José

Testimony SAMUEL

Testimony Israel

Testimony Alfredo

Alfredo’ Story
Un Hogar en el Camino for me was the foundation for my spiritual life and a big help in my personal life as well, my stay there helped me become who I am today.

My first job was as a shoe shiner in Guatemala’s park “Parque Central”. Now I work in a clothing factory that exports to North and South America.
Alfredo is a good example of self-improvement.

Testimony EDULFO

Edulfo’s Story
Edulfo was a shoe shiner in “Parque Central” for four years. During the school year he was back in his village trying to study hard to finish 6th grade, when school was out he would travel to the capital and shine shoes.

To me Un Hogar en el Camino is like a family, they supported me when I needed it most, and for that I am forever grateful. When the pandemic hit I found myself without a job and saw no other choice but to return to my village, but even being so far away from my new family they still found ways to motivate me to continue with my studies.

Un Hogar en el Camino showed me a new way and took me out of where I was. I am now working with one of the best companies for Guatemala. Thank you for all you have done. I’d just like to say to any youth reading that the impossible is possible!!!

Testimony Fabiana

Fabiana’s story
Un Hogar en el Camino is a big help to people, I learned so much during my time there. I learned to read write and speak. They have been a big help and of great support. They teach you about God. I would love to keep studying and even learn how to play the guitar one day.

Fabiana has finished 5th grade. First and always together with her daughter.

Testimony Byron

Byron’s story
I feel so incredibly happy because this has been the best family I have ever known, there is no better place to be then Un Hogar en el Camino.

There is no one else like you Marta Alicia, who cares and worries over us as you do. I could never repay you for all you have done, I miss you always and wish nothing but the best for you and your family and will be forever grateful to you.